PurOptima, renowned for its premium glass wall partitions and door systems, teamed up with six project delivery partners all across the U.S. and Red Thread is one of them! We’re thrilled to be part of this partnership because it’s all about our shared goal of bringing the best, most sustainable glass wall solutions to the commercial design and real estate scene across New England.

Who is PurOptima?

PurOptima is part of the Optima Group, an international leader in glass wall partitioning systems and solutions. They create beautiful interiors with exceptional, flawlessly crafted, glazed wall partitioning systems.

What sets PurOptima demountable walls apart?

From their sustainable practices to their innovative product launches, PurOptima is redefining what it means to create environmentally responsible and high-performing architectural solutions.

  1. Driving Sustainability:

Let’s start by taking a closer look at how PurOptima leads the way in sustainability. With a focus on reducing carbon emissions and promoting a circular economy, PurOptima ensures that their products not only meet but exceed environmental standards. Through meticulous supply chain coordination and fabrication processes, they minimize environmental impact while maximizing product longevity and recyclability.


  1. Spearheading Innovation:

PurOptima has a rich history of glass wall partition manufacturing and installation. With a comprehensive range of bespoke glass wall partition designs, including curved glass walls and various glass options such as decorative and switchable, PurOptima demonstrates unparalleled expertise in catering to diverse design needs. Their award-winning products not only deliver modular adaptability but also offer unmatched acoustic performance and outstanding aesthetic details.


  1. Prioritizing Structure:

PurOptima’s commitment to structural integrity in their wall solutions is unmatched. Structural load testing is conducted on all PurOptima Wall Solutions, ensuring they meet rigorous safety standards. Additionally, PurOptima implements deflection head and abutment systems to address building movement, guaranteeing stability and longevity. Their installation methodology, refined over decades of experience, maintains the integrity of the system while effectively managing site conditions and tolerances.


By concentrating on sustainability, pushing the boundaries of innovation, and maintaining a commitment to excellence in their craftsmanship, PurOptima is shaping the future of architecture. Join us in celebrating their contributions to creating environmentally responsible and high-performing architectural solutions that meet the needs of today while preserving the planet for tomorrow.

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