Work continues to evolve, and our spaces must follow suit. After three years in our Portland space, we realized we needed to completely rethink the form and function. We split the project into two phases to make the best use of our time and resources, and having completed phase two, we couldn’t be happier.

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Here is why we love the new space:

It’s inspiring and creative

The residential feel incorporates an exciting palette of textures, colors, and elements of nature. When you walk in, you are greeted by a gorgeous hand-cobbled wall made from recycled whiskey barrels. A ‘living wall’ integrates nature on the vertical plane, while plants and trees throughout the space add lively pops of color. Vibrant photographs printed on acrylic showcase Portland’s local talent and the capabilities of our partner Designtex.

It supports flexible work for more team members

We realized that we were only using 50% of our small footprint, and at the same time, needed to accommodate more employees and visitors. Assigned workstations no longer made sense for the majority of our staff, so we converted to free address benching solutions. Two employees with unique storage and privacy needs are still supported with dedicated work areas, while the rest are free to float from setting to setting depending on the work they are doing. You can’t beat working in the sunshine on a beautiful day!

Red Thread Portland refresh

Every square foot is usable

We also able to revitalize areas that were frequently empty due to lack of power, ergonomics, or privacy and reimagine them as beautiful, functional spaces. Some of these include our lounge setting by the window (perfect for people-watching) and our sandbox zone partially enclosed by an elegant bookshelf. The inspiring Portland skyline wallpaper and the custom table repurposed from whiskey barrels add character and local flair.

It strikes a better balance between privacy and collaboration

We reimagined our front space as a collaborative work café. The variety of collaborative lounge settings offer built-in power, comfortable seating and functional tables. The furniture is reconfigurable for events and meetings, and provides ample opportunities to connect, collaborate and socialize. Our two enclosed solo rooms are perfect for taking calls, attending Skype meetings, or just enjoying some quiet. Track lights were replaced with soft basket pendant lights that create a serene feel and provide flattering light for videoconferencing. Our new conference room enables large groups to meet without creating distractions within our open plan environment. Window film creates visual privacy along most of the glass, with one side transparent to transmit natural light and allow meeting participants to enjoy the view.

We will continue to monitor how people are using the space and make adjustments as needed, but for now we are very proud of our inspiring new office!

We’d like to extend special thanks to our project partners:

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