Have you ever been in the middle of an important project and lost power on your device?

Traditional work environments are now replaced with cafés, impromptu meetings, and open collaboration areas. While today’s workspace is focused on workplace collaboration and built for flexibility, mobility, choice, and comfort, there’s one major problem: power is often left in the walls and floor boxes.

Even though more devices have longer battery life, people tend to wait until their battery runs low before thinking about where to recharge. People are also moving furniture more often, based on the type of activity at hand, which means they can’t be tied down by building infrastructure.

As part of the Steelcase Flex Collection, Mobile Power is the first of its kind enterprise-level mobile power solution. Its functional and beautiful design was inspired by the clean lines of handcrafted ceramic tableware. With 3D texture and soft, silky finishes, this powerful and portable solution fits into any workplace aesthetic, from upscale to casual.

Learn more details about Mobile Power in the infographic we created below:


Both teams and individuals now have the freedom to work in a range of spaces, from cafés to favorite lounge areas, without the fear of losing power.

Want more details on its features? Check out this image below: