With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we thought we’d take an unofficial, unscientific survey of our colleagues to find out the top 5 things they LOVE in a workplace.

Desired workplace benefits are an increasingly important conversation to have with employees. How we work is changing dramatically and as people’s needs change so do the things that make them feel passionately about where they work. And when people are happy, they are engaged. And when they are engaged, they are productive. In order to attract, retain and engage top talent we need to ask what people like and want in their workplace.

So, with that in mind we asked people to pick the top 5 things that made them love their workplace. Among the choices were…

• Natural light • Music • Privacy
• A Shower • Free food • Walkstations
• A work cafe • Technology • Good coffee
• Furry friends • Informal collaboration spaces • Cool artwork
• Windows with a view • Abundant Snacks • Camaraderie
• Flexibility to work remotely • Comfortable temperature • Cafeteria
• Formal meeting rooms • Lots of Storage • A good friend
• Open space • Workout room • Phone booths
• Adjustable height desks • Comfy lounges • Greenery
• A Quiet library • Great lunch spots nearby • Games

So, drum roll please. Here are our colleagues top 5 choices:


The next 5 consisted of Technology 33%, Comfortable Temperature 28%, Windows with a View 28%, Good Coffee 28% and Informal Collaborative Spaces 22%. Interestingly, Storage, Formal Meeting Rooms, Games and a Cafeteria garnered no votes.

Well there you have it – the people have spoken – unofficially of course! See what others are saying about Workplace Benefits and remember you won’t know unless you ask!