With the current state of information overload, we are constantly distracted, so everyone wants to find ways to increase their focus and be more present in the moment. Since we are taxing our brains all the time, we need to learn how to train ourselves to focus better. The places where we work can also have a powerful impact on how we think, which is why promoting mindfulness at work is so important.


Experts speak of three brain modes: focused, free-flowing, and in movement. While most people tend to equate focus with attention, focus is just one mode of attention. The second refers to being in a state of open, free flowing thought when we let our minds wander. This is often the time when we have breakthroughs, as things we were not aware of come into our consciousness. Lastly, research shows that engaging in physical movement regenerates neurons in our brain as our minds are in a state of attentive focus when we are in motion.


Mindfulness is about paying complete attention to the moment that you are in, however with endless amounts of distractions, this can seem impossible. We need to treat our brains as if it were a muscle, retraining our minds to be better focused on the present. Simple exercises can make a huge impact when done consistently, such as focusing on breathing for 1-2 minutes a day. This focused breathing will help bring us back into the moment, and can have a regenerative effect.


A thoughtfully designed workspace is vital to promoting wellbeing and mindfulness. We are constantly engaging our brains, and smart organizations recognize the need for a workplace that allows workers to focus, take a break, or to be active at any given moment. This type of environment not only promotes employee wellbeing and satisfaction, but also results in more productive and efficient work for the organization.

Here are a few examples of options that cultivate mindfulness when incorporated into workspaces:

Buoy by Turnstone

Buoy allows you to rock, swivel, and change postures while you work. It is also easy to move from one location to another, promoting collaboration on-the-go.

Buoy by Turnstone helps promote mindfulness at work

Brody WorkLounge

For times when you need to focus or need a little privacy, the Brody WorkLounge is the perfect solution.

The Brody WorkLounge promotes mindfulness at work

Campfire Screen by Turnstone

The mesh Campfire Screen by Turnstone is an easy way to create peaceful, semi-private boundaries in an office environment.

Campfire Screen by Turnstone promotes mindfulness at work

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