Announcing the arrival of Steelcase V.I.A. wall at Red Thread Boston!

RedThread-Blog_image_VIA Boston

What, you may ask, is V.I.A.? 

V.I.A. [Vertical. Intelligent. Architecture.] is Steelcase’s new wall system which has debuted at Neocon for the last few years and has been in the pre-sell mode for the past 12 months.

At Red Thread, we believe that vertical real estate plays an increasingly important role in the way people work today and in to the future. Historically, architectural walls have served one purpose, that is dividing spaces, they have for the most part been static surfaces that offer very little, if any flexibility.

We think It is time to reinvent the wall… What if the new foundation for today’s workplace was the vertical plane?

V.I.A. not only defines spaces, but redefines the role vertical real estate plays in the interconnected workplace. Steelcase V.I.A. wall boosts interaction within the workplace by providing true acoustical privacy and hosts technology in a comprehensive and integrated way. It provides a sense of permanence with the speed and design flexibility of a movable wall.

Red Thread has been fortunate to be on the leading edge of Steelcase V.I.A. wall development. Along with a few select colleagues from other Steelcase Dealers across the US, I have spent many weeks in Grand Rapids with the design team to discuss features and benefits that we felt would set V.I.A. apart from other walls systems. In the end, we are very pleased with the final product and are very excited to share this ground breaking product with our clients.

In early pre-sell mode, Red Thread has worked with Mass Mutual to introduce V.I.A. into their workspaces and will be installing it for Town and Country in Portland, ME. This is one product that you have to experience to truly see the performance of this demountable wall system.

Here’s a look at how the installation process went in our Boston showroom!