Take a sneak peek! As of December 28th, our new address is 101 Seaport Blvd, Suite 600!

It’s an exciting and hectic time for us and we appreciate your patience as Red Thread Boston transitions to our new Steelcase WorkLife space. Designed to inspire our customers and people, this next generation space demonstrates incredible technology and features an open plan, free address concept.


The majority of our people are nomadic within the space. What does that mean? Simply that they have the ability to choose the right space for the kind of work they need to accomplish at any moment in time! Need to focus? Choose a private enclave with walls or a Brody Lounge with privacy screens. Need a height adjustable or counter height space to change your posture up during the day? Or maybe a touchdown with dual screens to work on a space plan? The control lies within each person and the space provides a plethora of options. With incredible views and the latest Steelcase product, we can’t wait to share it with you!

But, in the meanwhile… as we settle in… do you want a little sneak peek at the new Red Thread Boston?

lobby lobby 2

101 Seaport Lobby

cafe cafe 3

Work Cafe

Brody workstations

Brody Lounge and Touchdown stations