The pre-COVID workplace was designed to support innovative ways of working combined with high levels of human interaction to fuel creativity, inspiration, speed, and agility. These work environments now pose challenges for the workplace as organizations strive to limit face to face interactions and communal spaces. As a result, leaders are looking for a return to the workplace plan that incorporates CDC social distancing guides and health recommendations while also preserving an engaged company culture.

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“Navigating through the decision-making process of returning to the workplace is very challenging,” said Jeff Keener, Red Thread CEO. “It’s important to develop your Workplace Re-Entry Program with employee safety, engagement, and trust as the top priority, and we believe that people, space and technology need to work together.”

Many companies today are in different phases of re-entry planning. We’re working towards a long-term vision for the workplace, but right now we all need an actionable plan to implement. Some organizations have created task forces focused on things like new protocols around safety including temperature checks, PPE, and cleaning. It’s also important to consider the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of employees by ensuring people can stay healthy, remain productive, and feel confident about re-entering.

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There are many other aspects to a return to workplace checklist that might not be on your radar. To help workplace leaders evaluate their workplace re-entry readiness, we created this short 8 question yes/no quiz.

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