How to Incorporate Ancillary into Your Space: Top Commercial Design Trends

Discover how to incorporate ancillary spaces with top trends. Enhance functionality, aesthetic, and wellbeing in lobbies, lounges, and work cafés.…

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Everwall demountable wall system by Steelcase

Walls 101: Demountable vs. Traditional Construction

I know, you may think ‘a wall is a wall is a wall’. But when designing a new workspace, it’s…

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Casper Cloaking Technology offers digital privacy in open offices

Casper Cloaking Technology: the digital privacy solution for the modern workplace

Cloaking technology—seems like something straight out of a Science Fiction film. But what if Science Fiction could be Science Fact?…

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private spaces movable walls

5 Private space ideas with movable walls

Enclosed private spaces are a necessity for any workplace, and movable walls offer the perfect framework to support focused work…

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collaborative spaces demountable walls

6 Collaborative Space Ideas with Demountable Walls

Enclosed collaborative spaces are a must-have for any workplace, and demountable walls are the perfect framework to support creative teamwork.…

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steelcase education active learning center grant 2017

2017 Active Learning Center grant recipients | University of Massachusetts Boston + Mount Desert Island High School

Active Learning is an approach to instruction where students engage with the material they’re studying–through writing, talking, listening and reflecting–in…

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choosing a movable wall system

10 Things to consider when choosing a movable wall system

Movable, or demountable wall systems have a number of advantages over traditional construction, including the flexibility to reconfigure your space,…

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Maine, much more than just a great “vacationland”

What do jobs, craft beer and Maine have in common? This past Thursday, all three convened at our WorkLife Center…

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Move services connecticut YNHH

Red Thread Move Services helps YNHH relocate in Connecticut!

Yale New Haven Health recently expanded their patient- and family-centered outpatient services to better serve residents of eastern Fairfield County.…

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Steelcase and Microsoft Creative Spaces featuring Microsoft Surface Hub

Integrating space + technology boosts creative performance

Creativity, noun [kree-ey-tiv-i-tee] the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness The dictionary defines creativity as having…

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Sensory design can improve workplace productivity

Can sensory design impact workplace productivity?

Designing for the senses might not be a new concept but in their latest 360 Magazine, Steelcase’s article on the…

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Office Move Experience Blog - Shawmut

Making the most of your employees’ move experience

Office moves and relocations can be a stressful process for your people. Once you’ve developed your office move plan and…

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Hygge in the workplace

4 Ways to embrace “hygge” in the workplace

Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah), the Danish concept taking the US by storm, is characterized as making ordinary, every day moments more…

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pantone color trends spring 2017

Pantone’s top 10 colors for Spring 2017

“A mixture of vitality, relaxation and the great outdoors” is how the Pantone Color Institute describes their color trends for…

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Hiring an Office Mover

Questions to ask before hiring an office mover

Business relocations are complex, time-consuming projects that can have a major impact on productivity—and your bottom line—if not managed correctly.…

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Office Relocation Packing Checklist

Packing checklist for an office relocation

Preparing for an office move can be stressful. Relocating to a new space is exciting but it takes a lot of…

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Steelcase Qivi conference room chairs

Meetings suck…but you can make them better!

I recently attended a seminar called, “Meetings Suck,” given by Cameron Herold, the author of the book with the same…

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Residential Lounge Spaces

Why residential lounge spaces in the workplace inspire employees

With people making the shift back to working in the office, they are no longer content with uninspired work spaces…

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People in a Live Design session

How to create a future workplace in real time with “live design”.

Did you know that you can collaborate with a designer in real time and see your workspace come to life?…

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