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The experiences students, educators and administrators have had during the pandemic has accelerated trends in education and is shaping expectations for the future of learning.

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Unlocking the Power of Active Learning Spaces

Unlocking the Power of Active Learning Spaces

In today’s dynamic educational landscape, creating an engaging environment for students, teachers, and the community has become paramount. A vibrant and stimulating learning environment goes beyond mere aesthetics – it plays a crucial role in fostering productivity, promoting effective teaching practices, and shaping positive learning outcomes. Modern classroom design has a profound impact on students’…

Three Hybrid Campus Spaces to Meet UDL Guidelines

Three Hybrid Campus Spaces to Meet UDL Guidelines

Hybrid learning has become the standard for learning in a post-covid world. Students learning remotely need to have the same engaging learning experience as their in-person classmates, and the right technology makes all the difference. David Kellermann, an engineering professor at the University of South Wales, saw an increase in student satisfaction from 75% to…

Four Post-COVID Learning Spaces

Four Post-COVID Learning Spaces

The global pandemic has fundamentally changed how we live, learn and work. Students and educators have new needs for learning and teaching experiences, ranging from a building’s infrastructure to a hybrid classroom. Most K-12 and college education students are Generation Z, an overlooked demographic who are “merely surviving” or “flat-out struggling” according to Microsoft’s new…

5 Design Principles

5 Blended Learning Design Principles

Educators and students everywhere are implementing blended learning — a combination of the best of face-to-face and online experiences to produce improved learning outcomes. Steelcase’s research reveals what has been both successful and unsuccessful when classrooms suddenly became living rooms and bedrooms. By combining previous research with new findings during the pandemic, they uncovered top…

steelcase ALC grant

Top tips on applying for Steelcase’s Active Learning Center Grant

For the sixth year in a row, Steelcase Education will award up to 10 grant recipients with the furniture, tools and on-site services to create an Active Learning Center at their institution. All educational 30-seat classrooms are eligible, from K-12 to colleges and universities. Interested? Of course you are! Not sure how to make your…


Fidget tools move out of the classroom and into the office

If you have a child in middle school or have watched the news recently, you’ve probably heard about the hottest new toy on playgrounds nation-wide: Fidget spinners. Originally marketed as a tool to help students focus, especially those with ADHD, anxiety, and autism, the toys gained viral attention after a surge of YouTube videos were…


Champlain College library supports student engagement.

Recently, our Vermont based Account Executive, Jackie DesLauriers, shared a small project that had a big impact. Her client, Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont wanted to create a flexible space in the library that would boost student engagement. They loved it so much – they created a video! Here’s a bit about the space! What…


Library design: Creating an ecosystem.

Like many spaces, the traditional library has undergone a dramatic shift, from a reading and storage site to a center of interactive learning. Today, libraries need to be multi-purpose, multi-dimensional, flexible, and technology focused spaces. In other words, they need to be places that can accommodate quiet seeking students and teams actively collaborating on digital projects. What’s the key to…

Blog_Header_Maker spaces

Makerspaces: a new education trend

Makerspaces are popping up all over the country, especially in high school and collegiate settings, and are geared towards an active and collaborative way of thinking and approaching challenges. According to Andrew Kim, a Steelcase education researcher, “…we have found that, at the same time that technology is reshaping education, the importance of face-to-face learning is also growing,…

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