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The experiences students, educators and administrators have had during the pandemic has accelerated trends in education and is shaping expectations for the future of learning.

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The right K-12 classroom design, furniture, and technology can transform how educators and students, teach, study, and learn.

Education was undergoing a transformation before the pandemic, but COVID-19 has accelerated and amplified the transition to active and hybrid learning models. Most K-12 students are Generation Z, an overlooked demographic who are “merely surviving” or “flat-out struggling” according to Microsoft’s new research. Ensuring that Gen Z feels a sense of purpose and wellbeing is an urgent imperative in the shift to hybrid.

As students, educators and administrators return to school, there’s never been a better time to move forward and reset the places where learning and work happen to create a better experience. The right classroom design can boost student engagement and learning outcomes. We can help you find the best K-12 classroom furniture and technology to support new faculty and student expectations.

Our Approach

We are a New England-based team with more than 20 years of experience in K-12 space design. We partner with schools, architects and designers to help create the best possible experience for students and teachers in the classroom and beyond. Our broad portfolio of K-12 classroom, library, and cafeteria furniture and technology can meet any design aesthetic or budget. We are ready to help you:

– Explore the latest trends impacting K-12 education
– Understand which K-12 furniture and technology solutions are best for you
– Develop product specifications and floor plan layouts
– Navigate the best buying contract to utilize

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