Microsoft Surface Hub

Unlock the power of the group.
Microsoft Surface Hub is a powerful team collaboration device designed to advance the way people work together naturally.


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Walk up and use – Simple, intuitive interface is accessible to anyone

Familiar programs – Skype, OneNote, Microsoft Office suite

Connectivity options – Cloud, wired, or Miracast


One Touch Calls – start meetings on time with a tap of the screen

Responsive drawing – fluid ink feels just like pen on paper

Take ideas with you – save your whiteboard as a rich OneNote file


Windows apps – Windows apps run natively on the Surface Hub

Familiar apps – Skype, OneNote, Microsoft Office

Create your own app  build amazing experiences for your business



Brainstorm, organize, prioritize and act on the best ideas, in the same room or around the world, on a realtime sticky note whiteboard.


Flexible. While Stormboard works great for brainstorming, we have dozens of templates that allow your teams to collaborate on almost any business process.

Instant Reporting. Never take a blurry photo of a whiteboard again and then try and transcribe it. All your ideas can be exported to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF to make it easy to turn ideas into action.

Secure. All your ideas and discussions are invite only and SSL encrypted during transmission for your privacy.

One minute to learn and five minutes to master! Your teams will be able to quickly learn Stormboard.

Surface Hub leverages the power of Stormboard:

  • Multiple Simultaneous Pens (with identity!)
  • Real-time Handwriting Recognition
  • Built in NFC
  • Multiple simultaneous side by side users.
  • Real-time connection to any device with a web browser for true many to many collaboration.

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