The places in which people use their technology can have a significant impact on the experience people have with that technology. And similarly, the technology available in the workplace makes a difference in how effective a space is.

For the first time, Microsoft and Steelcase are coming together to help solve the workplace challenges people face now and in the future.

One of the most pressing issues for organizations and their people today is creativity at work. Together, we understand how the integration of people, place and technology can unlock creative potential and how a thoughtfully designed ecosystem of places and devices can support the ways people create.


Creative Tech Spaces

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The Problem: Fostering Creativity as a Business Advantage

According to joint research conducted by Steelcase and Microsoft, creativity is seen as a critical job skill driven by organizations’ need for innovation and growth in addition to employees’ desire for meaningful work.

However, today many organizations invest in technology and space as separate entities rather than approaching them holistically. The lack of cohesion creates sub-optimal conditions for fostering creativity at work.

Creative Spaces by Steelcase

Creative Spaces

Creativity is a process in which anyone can engage and requires diverse work modes as well as different types of technology. People need to work alone, in pairs and in different size groups throughout a creative process, and they need a range of devices that are mobile and integrated into the physical workplace. Additionally, spaces should inspire people without compromising performance.

Steelcase and Microsoft have released five initial Creative Spaces, currently on display at the Steelcase WorkLife Center in New York City.

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