Behind the Scenes with Jeff Keener: Navigating Hybrid Work Strategies

Discover key insights into hybrid work strategies, the ideal workplace, and critical technological capabilities in today’s ever-evolving work landscape. In…

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Brand & Culture

Quiz: is your company ready for workplace re-entry?

Quiz: is your company ready for workplace re-entry?

The pre-COVID workplace was designed to support innovative ways of working combined with high levels of human interaction to fuel…

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Floorplans with hot zone space analysis

The relationship between workplace density, space, and company culture

To support new COVID-19 protocols in safety, communication, and collaboration, organizations must create a minimum 6ft distancing between people in…

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Is the future of work flexible? Workplace wishes for 2020 and beyond

This article originally appeared on as part of the Forbes Business Development Council.  The future of work, evolution of…

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Hidden secrets on timing your to dos

Larks. Owls. Third birds. Which one are you? Believe it or not, “morning people” and “night owls” are real and…

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5 places to source modern workplace lighting

What simple element can dramatically transform a space? Lighting! When it comes to residential-inspired workplace settings, lighting solutions are often…

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Examples of biophilic design in the workplace

4 fresh ideas for incorporating biophilic design in the workplace

Biophilia is defined as our innate fondness for and need to experience nature. Biophilic design connects people with the natural…

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Ancillary furniture: comfortable, beautiful and perfect for creating inspiring workplace destinations

It’s 2019 and no one wants to sit in a sea of cubicles anymore. That’s where ancillary comes in. Ancillary…

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A mix of outdoor office furniture

Our top 5 outdoor office furniture vendors

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space within your workplace, you need ancillary furniture that can withstand…

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People collaborating in an innovative corporate headquarters

The exciting future of the corporate headquarters

I recently read a compelling article, HQ 2.0: The Next-Generation Corporate Center, and wanted to share the main ideas, as…

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Mood board showing ancillary furniture and finishes

9 Inspiring sources for residential office furniture

As you explore furniture options for residential-inspired workplace settings, the number of products available can be overwhelming. From lounge seating…

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Ancillary furniture setting

What is ancillary furniture?

Ancillary is a term you may have heard recently with regard to designing a space, but what does it mean?…

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red thread boston worklife

What we are thankful for at Red Thread

As Thanksgiving gets closer, we all tend to find ourselves taking a step back to think about what we are…

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A lively office lounge with custom furniture that evokes a vibrant personality

5 Custom furniture pieces that showcase your personality

With Millennials making up more than 1 in 3 adult Americans by 2020 and 75% of the workforce by 2025,…

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work cafe company culture

How workplace design reinforces company culture

“Culture” has been one of the biggest buzz words in the business world for quite a few years now. And…

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an innovative lounge piece within a modern office

5 Reasons to consider custom furniture

In an increasingly competitive landscape, every organization wants to differentiate itself from its competitors. At the same time, in order…

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Creative spaces with every kind of employee in mind

It’s no secret that no two employees are alike. Every team has employees who work differently and have different needs…

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Easy ways you can encourage your employees to innovate

Innovation is more vital than ever to running a successful company. Not only does innovation provide the basis for generating  unique…

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Red Thread Portland office

Red Thread’s Portland refresh supports new ways of working

Work continues to evolve, and our spaces must follow suit. After three years in our Portland space, we realized we…

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