Behind the Scenes with Jeff Keener: Navigating Hybrid Work Strategies

Discover key insights into hybrid work strategies, the ideal workplace, and critical technological capabilities in today’s ever-evolving work landscape. In…

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Brand & Culture

wreath menorah stocking auction

Wreath, Menorah, Stocking Auction 2017

Last Tuesday we kicked off the holiday season by reviving an old tradition: Our annual Wreath, Menorah, Stocking Auction. We…

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What’s the deal with coworking spaces?

In 1999, long before the term “coworking” became part of everyday vocabulary, a software company in New York City decided…

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Fidget tools move out of the classroom and into the office

If you have a child in middle school or have watched the news recently, you’ve probably heard about the hottest…

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dog-friendly workplace

5 Benefits of a dog-friendly office!

Each year for Pet Sitters International’s ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’ , offices worldwide prepare to open their doors…

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Within the open plan, there are opportunities to create an ecosystem of spaces that support collaboration and focus

How real estate optimization is reshaping the modern workplace

The workplace is a constantly changing landscape. From steadily rising real estate costs and focus on more collaborative work to…

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managing multiple generations in the workplace

Accommodating generational differences in the workplace

Supporting and managing multiple generations is critical in the workplace today. It’s equally as important to consider the shift towards…

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Residential Lounge Spaces

Why residential lounge spaces in the workplace inspire employees

With people making the shift back to working in the office, they are no longer content with uninspired work spaces…

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Leadership workspaces

Can a leadership team’s space help to influence corporate culture?

The answer is simple, yes. Absolutely and positively. Because what does leadership ultimately do? They inspire employees; modelling behavior and driving a…

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Sapient Miami Work Cafe

SapientNitro Miami: Work Café as social hub

Increasingly, the work café is the visual focal point of the workplace and the social hub where employees can relax, rejuvenate…

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Integrated workplace

Town & Country: A fun workplace poised for growth.

Town & Country Federal Credit Union “breaks the mold” by redefining workplace culture in a financial institution. Innovation is not…

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video conferencing

Technology + collaboration: a critical connection

Here’s a reality check: 54% of meetings now involve a remote worker.  Whether you need to connect with a colleague, client,…

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workplace engagement

5 Elements that drive workplace engagement

Today, we understand more than ever that office space is a key factor in boosting employee engagement and performance. But we also…

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Workplace leadership

6 Qualities of great workplace leaders.

Great workplace leaders are often born during times of change. And there is no doubt that the nature of work is…

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Congratulations Cambridge Y2Y!

It takes a village… or an amazing community in this case. And great timing. Last Friday, Red Thread was proud…

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work cafe

Boost employee engagement by connecting people + purpose.

What does having “purpose” solve in the workplace? According to Nicolas de Benoist, “When people are engaged in something greater than…

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5 Questions for Red Thread’s CEO, Jeff Keener.

In October of last year, we were pleased to welcome Jeff Keener as he took over the helm of Red…

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workplace collaboration spaces

Case study for an employee wellbeing strategy.

Humantech, an ergonomics consulting firm nurtures an employee wellbeing strategy by embracing a  “palette of place”. Steelcase 360 Magazine editors…

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startup culture

How to re-ignite a startup culture.

In the new Steelcase 360 Magazine entitled “Think Better” there’s an article called, “Igniting a Sense of Start-up Culture”. We…

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