Reducing Virtual Meeting Fatigue: A Deep Dive into Logitech Sight

As our work environments shift towards a hybrid model, the extended screen time and continuous participation in virtual meetings have…

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Woman working in office

Building A Better 2021: Work Life Wish List

This article originally appeared in Forbes by Stephanie Brock, Vice President of Sales and General Manager for Red Thread. I…

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Red Thread’s Top Blogs of 2020

As we enter the new year and reflect on what an unpredictable year it’s been, we’re looking forward to seeing…

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Post-COVID workplace re-entry checklist in real-time

According to the COVID-19 forecast from the CDC, up to 2.3 million new cases will likely be reported by December…

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Microsoft teams mobile app

Key findings from Microsoft’s Work Trend Index Report 2020

Since the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in the US back in January 2020, our lives have been turned upside…

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Swipe Left or Right: How to Find the Right Chair for You

Did you know that the average American adult spends about 6½ hours a day sitting — an increase of about…

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Red Thread recognized as a finalist for the Surface Hub 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year

Red Thread recognized as a finalist for the Surface Hub 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year

Red Thread today announced it has been named a finalist for the Surface Hub 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year…

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Which office screen divider is best for your workplace?

Which office screen divider is best for your workplace?

Prior to COVID-19, Steelcase found that 70% of people work in some form of an open plan. With new health…

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Web conferencing dos & don’ts

Web conferencing dos and don’ts

Who would have predicted four weeks ago that video collaboration would be the sole way people are interacting with one…

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Remote workers collaborating in different time zones

Making the best of virtual collaboration

Virtual collaboration isn’t just for dedicated remote workers anymore. People aren’t necessarily “working from home” but they are “at home,…

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Ergonomic working from home tips

Hacking your home office

Many of us around the world are entering new territory when it comes to working from home and creating an…

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Three ways to drive great collaboration

If you’re spending more time in a collaborative workspace, you’re not alone. Anyone who studies teamwork will tell you, it’s…

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flex mobile power

Function meets beauty: Steelcase Flex Mobile Power

Have you ever been in the middle of an important project and lost power on your device? Traditional work environments…

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steelcase active learning center grant

Top tips on applying for Steelcase’s Active Learning Center Grant

For the sixth year in a row, Steelcase Education will award up to 10 grant recipients with the furniture, tools…

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What were Red Thread’s top blogs of 2019?

With 2020 just kicking off, we’re looking back in time to see what our most popular blogs of 2019 were…

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Is the future of work flexible? Workplace wishes for 2020 and beyond

This article originally appeared on as part of the Forbes Business Development Council.  The future of work, evolution of…

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Hidden secrets on timing your to dos

Larks. Owls. Third birds. Which one are you? Believe it or not, “morning people” and “night owls” are real and…

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Team collaboration using Steelcase Flex Collection

Unleashing team creativity with Steelcase Flex

Get a closer look at how the new Steelcase Flex Collection keeps up with today’s fast-moving teams. Welcome to the…

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people using technology to boost productivity at work

Using technology to boost productivity: 3 tips

Productivity is a major driving force for large and small businesses. Fostering a collaborative environment can be linked directly to…

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