Reducing Virtual Meeting Fatigue: A Deep Dive into Logitech Sight

As our work environments shift towards a hybrid model, the extended screen time and continuous participation in virtual meetings have…

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People collaborating in an innovative meeting space

Checklist for collaboration space design

There’s a lot to consider when planning collaboration spaces within your floor plan – trust us, we’ve seen it all!…

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Ancillary furniture: comfortable, beautiful and perfect for creating inspiring workplace destinations

It’s 2019 and no one wants to sit in a sea of cubicles anymore. That’s where ancillary comes in. Ancillary…

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People collaborating in an innovative corporate headquarters

The exciting future of the corporate headquarters

I recently read a compelling article, HQ 2.0: The Next-Generation Corporate Center, and wanted to share the main ideas, as…

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Employees videoconferencing in a meeting room

Video conferencing: 6 design considerations

Closing the distance gap for distributed teams is a tough proposition. But in today’s technology driven world, distance can’t be a…

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red thread boston worklife

What we are thankful for at Red Thread

As Thanksgiving gets closer, we all tend to find ourselves taking a step back to think about what we are…

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open office layout

My experience moving to an open office

Now more than ever, workers are experiencing the evolution of moving from a traditional office layout to an open floor…

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Tiled Microsoft Surface Hub 2

Introducing Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2S

Microsoft has revealed its first look at the new Surface Hub 2S and, let’s be frank, it looks awesome. Much…

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Creative spaces with every kind of employee in mind

It’s no secret that no two employees are alike. Every team has employees who work differently and have different needs…

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Easy ways you can encourage your employees to innovate

Innovation is more vital than ever to running a successful company. Not only does innovation provide the basis for generating  unique…

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5 Best apps for workplace productivity

Ever catch yourself thinking that there just aren’t enough hours in the day? We know the feeling! But when you’re…

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Microsoft Surface Hub

6 Key features of Microsoft Surface Hub

Imagine video conferencing that’s easy. No more struggling to connect, searching for the right cable, figuring out why the hardware is…

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What’s the deal with coworking spaces?

In 1999, long before the term “coworking” became part of everyday vocabulary, a software company in New York City decided…

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virtual reality workplace

5 Ways virtual reality will change the workplace

In 2014, Facebook changed the trajectory of the virtual reality industry through a $2 billion acquisition deal with Oculus VR.…

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designing for collaboration at work inspires innovative and creative culture

Designing for collaboration at work to support innovation

Workplace collaboration drives innovation. But not just any kind of collaboration—the kind that sparks breakthrough ideas comes from people working…

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Work modes and how they influence office privacy

Office privacy – the key to balancing workplace collaboration and individual focus

Office privacy affects us in more ways than ever before. From being interrupted almost every 11 minutes by digital and…

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Steelcase and Microsoft Creative Spaces featuring Microsoft Surface Hub

Integrating space + technology boosts creative performance

Creativity, noun [kree-ey-tiv-i-tee] the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness The dictionary defines creativity as having…

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Steelcase Qivi conference room chairs

Meetings suck…but you can make them better!

I recently attended a seminar called, “Meetings Suck,” given by Cameron Herold, the author of the book with the same…

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Red Thread Collaboration Furniture

5 Types of collaborative office furniture and tech tools

Today we understand that collaboration is central to innovation and is a key catalyst for business growth. Solving problems and implementing…

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