Four Post-COVID Learning Spaces

I recently attended a seminar called, “Meetings Suck,” given by Cameron Herold, the author of the book with the same…

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Steelcase Qivi conference room chairs

Meetings suck…but you can make them better!

I recently attended a seminar called, “Meetings Suck,” given by Cameron Herold, the author of the book with the same…

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Red Thread Collaboration Furniture

5 Types of collaborative office furniture and tech tools

Today we understand that collaboration is central to innovation and is a key catalyst for business growth. Solving problems and implementing…

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flat wire power solutions

4 Reconfigurable power options including flat wire technology

Access to flexible power options is becoming a key concern in today’s workplace. Whether it’s a simple space reconfiguration or…

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Blog_Header_AV Adaptors 2B

5 Tips for integrating audiovisual technology into space design

Audiovisual technology in the workplace is like peanut butter and jelly… it just goes together. More than ever, it’s frustrating and…

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An audiovisual glossary you can count on!

Planning a new conference room or collaborative space but at a loss with all the audio visual terminology out there? Not a…

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Blog_Header_Surface Demo

Candid Microsoft Surface Hub demo for Commercial Integrator

Our resident Microsoft Surface Hub expert Tom Napolitano does a candid Microsoft Surface Hub demo of this all new collaboration…

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Blog_Header_Wireless charge

Wireless power becomes a reality in today’s office.

Wires, wires, wires everywhere. Especially true in the modern office! Who hasn’t experienced the frustration of trying to find an…

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Layer 8

Why supporting BYOD mobility is a business advantage.

It’s been estimated that the BYOD “Bring Your Own Device” enterprise mobility market will be worth over $266 billion by…

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multimedia suite meeting room

The Multimedia Suite is today’s modern meeting room.

Progressive companies are eschewing the formal meeting room for an option that is more informal, comfortable and versatile – at…

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Integrated workplace

Town & Country: A fun workplace poised for growth.

Town & Country Federal Credit Union “breaks the mold” by redefining workplace culture in a financial institution. Innovation is not…

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video conferencing

Technology + collaboration: a critical connection

Here’s a reality check: 54% of meetings now involve a remote worker.  Whether you need to connect with a colleague, client,…

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ISO 14001

Technology group achieves ISO 14001 certification!

WHAT IS ISO 14001? ISO 14001 outines the criteria for an Environmental Management System and maps out an effective framework…

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