Four Post-COVID Learning Spaces

Recently on a trip to Texas, I was stunned by the sight that greeted me as I entered my hotel…

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How hospitality trends are shaping the workplace

Recently on a trip to Texas, I was stunned by the sight that greeted me as I entered my hotel…

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People collaborating with technology in a conference room

Choosing between bundled & integrated conferencing systems

With the pressing need to drive innovation and creativity, tools to support collaboration are more important now than ever. Organizations…

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people collaborating using video conferencing

How to support three collaboration styles with technology + furniture

As machines have replaced much of the repetitive work we used to do, today’s work is increasingly creative and collaborative.…

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Internet of Things

What the heck is the Internet of Things and why should you care?

Odds are you’ve heard the term “Internet of Things” or its acronym “IoT” thrown around a time or two. But…

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Tiled Microsoft Surface Hub 2

Introducing Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2S

Microsoft has revealed its first look at the new Surface Hub 2S and, let’s be frank, it looks awesome. Much…

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5 Best apps for workplace productivity

Ever catch yourself thinking that there just aren’t enough hours in the day? We know the feeling! But when you’re…

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Improve remote team collaboration with Meeting Owl

Improving the remote worker experience

With our increased reliance on technology and a distributed workforce, today’s employees are challenged when it comes to remote team…

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Work cafe

Red Thread’s Boston office undergoes a refresh

Almost two years ago, Red Thread Boston moved in to a new workspace at 101 Seaport Boulevard. This space was…

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Microsoft Surface Hub

6 Key features of Microsoft Surface Hub

Imagine video conferencing that’s easy. No more struggling to connect, searching for the right cable, figuring out why the hardware is…

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virtual reality workplace

5 Ways virtual reality will change the workplace

In 2014, Facebook changed the trajectory of the virtual reality industry through a $2 billion acquisition deal with Oculus VR.…

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red thread audiovisual solutions integrator

Looking to revamp or redesign your audiovisual systems? Our AV team is here to help!

With over 60 dedicated employees, the Red Thread audiovisual team delivers holistic solutions that incorporate the latest AV technology with…

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Steelcase and Microsoft Creative Spaces featuring Microsoft Surface Hub

Integrating space + technology boosts creative performance

Creativity, noun [kree-ey-tiv-i-tee] the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness The dictionary defines creativity as having…

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