Collaboration technology is at the forefront as organizations rely on it to stay connected and manage business operations with employees both in the office and remote. Due to circumstances surrounding COVID-19, organizations are making technology investments a priority to create an immersive collaborative experience.

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Whether employees are working from home or as part of a re-entry to the office, a high-quality collaborative experience keeps everyone connected. AmplifyTeamwork by Red Thread is Collaboration as a Service (CaaS) that provides a flexible way to implement the latest Microsoft or Zoom technology without the need for capital expenditure.

Given the financial strain organizations are experiencing due to the economic slowdown, our Software as a Service (SaaS) model offers customers more control, coverage, and collaboration.

The rise of ‘as a service’

In the last decade, we’ve become a more service-based economy. This new service model is pervasive in a variety of industries including travel lodging, transportation, and technology.

Travelers looking for a place to stay used to only choose from a limited selection of local hotels or motels. When Airbnb entered the picture in 2008, hotels felt the impact. One year later, Uber and Lyft made it easier than ever to find a ride wherever riders are going. By using traveling and transportation as a service, consumers now have the flexibility to meet their changing preferences while saving money with reduced up-front costs and no property/vehicle ownership.

While many of us are familiar with the success stories behind Uber and Airbnb, the business to business implications of ‘as a service’ are just as compelling. We’ve seen companies like Adobe, Hubspot, and Oracle make great strides by moving to the cloud. It allows customers to pay monthly for services, save their documents, and access their work from any place with internet access.

To meet the needs of our constantly connected world, Red Thread is offering that same type of experience via collaboration as a service ensuring the latest technology, protecting you against obsolescence, and requiring no capital investment.

What’s included in AmplifyTeamwork?

Apart from one-button access to launch meetings, our service also protects you with “Act of God” coverage and flexible end of term options. Here’s an additional list of solutions and services included with collaboration as a service:


  • Microsoft or Zoom technology
  • Displays, microphones, speakers
  • Cameras – 4K wide field of view

Amplify Service:

  • Delivery, certified installation
  • Onsite / remote user training
  • Telephone Support during regular business hours
  • Guaranteed 2-hour phone response
  • Unlimited onsite service
  • Product warranty and replacement
  • NOC 24/7 Monitoring

‒ Remote diagnostic and control

‒ Onsite next day problem resolution or product replacement

‒ Audit log for diagnostic history

‒ License management for new devices

‒ Global Firmware upgrades

Is XaaS our future?

The term Everything as a Service (XaaS) refers to the wide variety of emerging services and applications people access on demand over the Internet versus housed on-premise.

Businesses are adopting the on-demand approach of acquiring services through cloud computing beyond COVID-19. According to a report called Global Everything-as-a-service (XaaS) Market Research Report 2019–2026, the XaaS market is expected to rapidly increase over the next few years to more than $345 billion.

Are you interested in learning more about AmplifyTeamwork? Connect with our AV team today to see how Collaboration as a Service can help you.

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