The Power of Outdoor Meeting Spaces: Designing for Social Connection

Unlock the potential of outdoor meeting spaces in urban settings. Foster social connections in rooftop terraces, balconies, and multipurpose areas.…

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December Ancillary Furniture Blog

Top ancillary picks from December

For our December ancillary furniture picks, we focused on pieces that bring a modular and collaborative functionality to touch down…

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Red Thread Portland office

Red Thread’s Portland refresh supports new ways of working

Work continues to evolve, and our spaces must follow suit. After three years in our Portland space, we realized we…

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wreath menorah stocking auction

Wreath, Menorah, Stocking Auction 2017

Last Tuesday we kicked off the holiday season by reviving an old tradition: Our annual Wreath, Menorah, Stocking Auction. We…

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ancillary office furniture

Top ancillary picks from November

November brought us inspiration through a variety of unique shapes and textures. Check out our top ancillary picks below. These…

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Designing for wellbeing to support creativity

Supporting creativity through wellbeing at work

The trend towards addressing wellness at work has broadened; today the focus is on wellbeing at work. It’s a subtle…

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Using mindfulness at work to increase productivity

Using mindfulness at work to increase productivity

With the current state of information overload, we are constantly distracted, so everyone wants to find ways to increase their…

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Blu Dot wood furniture

Top ancillary picks from October

This month, our top ancillary picks are some of the pieces we used in our Boston WorkLife refresh. These pieces…

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Improve remote team collaboration with Meeting Owl

Improving the remote worker experience

With our increased reliance on technology and a distributed workforce, today’s employees are challenged when it comes to remote team…

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Work cafe

Red Thread’s Boston office undergoes a refresh

Almost two years ago, Red Thread Boston moved in to a new workspace at 101 Seaport Boulevard. This space was…

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Microsoft Surface Hub

6 Key features of Microsoft Surface Hub

Imagine video conferencing that’s easy. No more struggling to connect, searching for the right cable, figuring out why the hardware is…

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What’s the deal with coworking spaces?

In 1999, long before the term “coworking” became part of everyday vocabulary, a software company in New York City decided…

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ancillary furniture

Top ancillary picks from September

Ancillary furniture in the workplace can help to create truly inspiring spaces. From social spaces like the work café to…

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implementing the right technology in the right spaces allows workplace creativity to flourish

How to foster workplace creativity by embracing technology

“Ideas are the currency of the new economy.” That quote came from Richard Florida, an economist and social scientist who…

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biophilic design in the workplace

4 Ways to incorporate biophilic design in the workplace

In August, we posted a blog about how biophilic design can help reduce stress and encourage renewal in the workplace.…

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creative workplace culture

5 Ways to foster a creative workplace culture

A creative workplace culture is essential to being innovative in today’s global, 24/7 business climate. The work we perform today has…

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engaged workplace culture

5 Ways to create an engaged workplace culture

An engaged workplace culture creates higher levels of employee satisfaction, wellbeing and productivity. Being engaged at work is a paramount issue…

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innovative workplace culture

5 Ways to build an innovative workplace culture

An innovative workplace culture is a must for organizations in highly competitive industries, where they battle for the best and…

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workpalce transformation thumbnail

What is a workplace transformation and why is it important?

What is workplace transformation? The kind of work we do today is radically different than the work we pre-pandemic. Corporate…

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