The shift to remote work from government stay-at-home orders is increasing the use of video conferencing and collaboration technology from organizations everywhere.

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According to VentureBeat, Microsoft Teams recently increased its daily meeting minutes by 200%, from 900 million to 2.7 billion.

Red Thread has certainly contributed to those statistics and has not only used Teams to stay in touch with each other, but also to maintain open communication, visibility, and trust with our customers.

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Below are some ways Teams simultaneously helps reinforce our company culture during unprecedented times and improves our overall customer experience.


One of our most important values at Red Thread is creativity. We embrace curiosity and resourcefulness while taking initiatives to find out how we can make a real difference.

With Microsoft Teams, we’ve taken that a step further and have become creative problem solvers. Our people have been able to leverage this technology and lead our customers in the world of digital transformation.

Our company-wide interactive training sessions via Teams video conferencing itself empowered our people to make the transition from in-person interactions to remote work seamlessly and successfully – even for our customers.

“Sometimes clients used to require sitting side by side to review work and make decisions,” said Stacey DiCairano, Account Manager/Designer. “However, since being home, we’ve started using Teams. I share my screen and we can work together while looking at the same content. Now these same clients request continuing to work this way even when things go back to ‘normal’.”


Our connectivity core value is important between each other, our customers, and our market.

There’s no better way to do just that than by using Teams video conferencing. While we can’t be with our customers in person, we can still have meaningful face to face conversations and connect virtually. In some cases, we’ve surprisingly created deeper and more personal relationships.

“Teams can give a glimpse into the personal lives of the people we connect with; kids having melt downs, dogs barking, messy hair, glasses, comfy clothes, fun backgrounds and more,” said Stephanie Brock, VP & GM of Maine. “It’s been so amazing to be able to see everyone on a personal level. Humanity is shining through using Teams.”


Collaboration is essential to our business success.

Using Teams video conferencing to collaborate with not only each other, but also others outside of our organization, has been instrumental for keeping teamwork at the heart of everything we do.

Whether it’s file sharing, storing, or editing without leaving the platform, Teams has allowed us to collaborate without compromising privacy and security. We’ve also been able to create specific Teams with dedicated Channels to keep our conversations, files, and thoughts organized. The ability to host live events or webinars has been a great way to facilitate large meetings including guests.

“Teams video conferencing has elevated the way I do business,” said David Mendzela, Workplace Consultant. “The ease of access and use has enabled high levels of collaboration with my teammates and customers across geographies. The screen share, chat and large file sharing features are all now core elements of my digital tool kit. Live design is another experience we have also been deploying to streamline collaboration and design decisions with our customers to keep projects moving in this remote world we are now living in.”


We are committed to transparency, honesty, and fairness in every aspect of our business.

We made a commitment to investing in unified collaboration to give everybody in our organization the tools they need to do their job well. As one team with one dedicated platform, we are committed to the cloud platform, robust capabilities and comprehensive training.

“The best part of working remotely is being close to my family and being really proud of how committed our organization has been in adapting quickly for remote work,” said Ray Gagnon, Project Manager. “Video capability through Teams has been huge – it’s a great central way to stay connected.”

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