How to Incorporate Ancillary into Your Space: Top Commercial Design Trends

Discover how to incorporate ancillary spaces with top trends. Enhance functionality, aesthetic, and wellbeing in lobbies, lounges, and work cafés.…

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engaged workplace culture

5 Ways to create an engaged workplace culture

An engaged workplace culture creates higher levels of employee satisfaction, wellbeing and productivity. Being engaged at work is a paramount issue…

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innovative workplace culture

5 Ways to build an innovative workplace culture

An innovative workplace culture is a must for organizations in highly competitive industries, where they battle for the best and…

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workpalce transformation thumbnail

What is a workplace transformation and why is it important?

What is workplace transformation? The kind of work we do today is radically different than the work we pre-pandemic. Corporate…

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virtual reality workplace

5 Ways virtual reality will change the workplace

In 2014, Facebook changed the trajectory of the virtual reality industry through a $2 billion acquisition deal with Oculus VR.…

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ancillary furniture trends- resi-mmercial and third space

What is “resi-mmercial” design? Ancillary furniture trends for today’s workplace

Ancillary furniture has become one of the biggest trends in office design. Ancillary furniture applications support us as work becomes…

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using data to inform real estate space optimization

Using data to solve workplace real estate optimization challenges

The kind of work we do today is radically different than the work we did even 20 years ago, and…

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biophilic design helps reduce stress in the workplace

How biophilic design reduces stress and promotes renewal at work

As our work becomes more creative, biophilia, the principle that we have a innate desire to connect with nature, helps…

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inspiring and high-performing workspaces

8 Ways to create inspiring, informal and high-performing workspaces

Many people predicted the end of corporate offices after the introduction of smartphones, tablets and universally available WiFi, reasoning that…

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red thread audiovisual solutions integrator

Looking to revamp or redesign your audiovisual systems? Our AV team is here to help!

With over 60 dedicated employees, the Red Thread audiovisual team delivers holistic solutions that incorporate the latest AV technology with…

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NeoCon recap - Steelcase office furniture

NeoCon 2017 recap: awards, trends and more!

This year at NeoCon, Steelcase introduced many new products that build on the idea of the “office renaissance” and support the shift towards a more creative workplace culture.

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Fidget tools move out of the classroom and into the office

If you have a child in middle school or have watched the news recently, you’ve probably heard about the hottest…

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dog-friendly workplace

5 Benefits of a dog-friendly office!

Each year for Pet Sitters International’s ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’ , offices worldwide prepare to open their doors…

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Within the open plan, there are opportunities to create an ecosystem of spaces that support collaboration and focus

How real estate optimization is reshaping the modern workplace

The workplace is a constantly changing landscape. From steadily rising real estate costs and focus on more collaborative work to…

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designing for collaboration at work inspires innovative and creative culture

Designing for collaboration at work to support innovation

Workplace collaboration drives innovation. But not just any kind of collaboration—the kind that sparks breakthrough ideas comes from people working…

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Work modes and how they influence office privacy

Office privacy – the key to balancing workplace collaboration and individual focus

Office privacy affects us in more ways than ever before. From being interrupted almost every 11 minutes by digital and…

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managing multiple generations in the workplace

Accommodating generational differences in the workplace

Supporting and managing multiple generations is critical in the workplace today. It’s equally as important to consider the shift towards…

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Creative and personalized spaces are the future of the corporate workplace

Why a personalized workplace improves employee wellbeing

In their most recent 360 Magazine, Steelcase focuses on the “office renaissance” – a movement seeking to redefine the corporate…

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resilient workplace

What is a resilient workplace?

What is a resilient workplace? You may be asking yourself – what is a resilient workplace? The world is changing…

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