Biogen – Cambridge, MA

Biogen creates a flexible work environment designed to inspire innovation.

Red Thread, a Biogen partner for more than a decade, worked with all levels at the corporation to introduce fresh ideas for an inspiring new workplace. Working together with Steelcase Applications Research Consultants (ARC) and Nelson Architects, the Red Thread team helped to articulate a new workplace strategy, facilitate change management and develop appropriate applications.

Throughout the process Biogen employees were included, through needs assessment surveys, pilot programs and in the selection of their individual work tools through a Furniture Standards Program. In order to remain highly agile, Biogen utilized Architectural Systems such as raised flooring and demountable walls, along with a highly flexible furniture solution, to ensure that future space reconfiguration is possible without costly planning and additional investment.


Project Partners

  • Nelson Architects
  • Fox RPM
  • Lee Kennedy Co.
  • Boston Properties
  • Consigli Construction
  • Alexandria Real Estate


  • Furniture
  • Architectural Products

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