Potamus Trading – Boston, MA

Like the hippo, Potamus’ namesake and king of the jungle, they embrace adaptability in their culture and workplace applications.

Welcoming you to Potamus Trading’s space is a life-size hippopotamus statue—not exactly what you’d expect from a financial services company. Potamus, a technology driven firm, gets its name from “hippopotamus,” an incredibly resilient animal. Their philosophy is rooted in this adaptability, comparing a trader to the hippo, or someone who’s the master of his environment. Their name speaks to their culture and the idea behind their workplace design. Potamus took feedback from its people to design a versatile space that accommodated for heads down, focused work as well as fun and relaxation after the work is done.

Photos © Garrett Rowland

Project Partners

  • Elkus Manfredi Architects
  • ACT
  • JN Technologies
  • Columbia Construction


  • AV Technology
  • Furniture
  • Move Management

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