conference room built with demountable walls As a flexible alternative to traditional construction, movable and demountable walls have become commonplace in the build environment. In our world of constant change, businesses no longer have to choose between visual/acoustical privacy and the freedom of flexibility.

Modular office walls deliver superior acoustical performance for increased productivity. These wall systems also offer significant time and cost savings during the initial construction phase and over the lifetime of the space, as they enable easy reconfigurations when business needs change.

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Why Demountable Walls?



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Why Demountable Walls?

The world is changing every day, and the workplace has to adapt to meet our needs. How we work is being dramatically influenced by our needs for:

• Private spaces in which to focus and rejuvenate
• Technology-integrated spaces that support today’s work
• Flexible spaces that can adapt with business needs over time.

Here are the top 5 reasons to consider modular walls:

Provides people with the level of visual and acoustical privacy they need to concentrate, have closed conversations, or collaborate without disrupting others.

Provides workers with the technology their work requires and allows change as their needs change or as new technology becomes available.

Maximizes the ease of reconfiguration and re-use of the components to adapt to changes in business needs

Movable walls help to create a flexible ecosystem of zones to support employee wellbeing and foster engagement.

Wall systems are constructed of recycled, low-emitting materials (eliminating harmful PVCs, VOCs, and off-gassing). The product is 100% reusable, and at the end of its life, it is recyclable. Wall systems also contribute to LEED certification.

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demountable walls versus traditional construction

Movable Wall Reconfiguration vs. Drywall Demo and Install

Did you know that demountable walls cost significantly less than traditional construction over their lifespan when you consider the reconfigurations required to keep up with your evolving business needs? They can now depreciate in the first year, and do not disrupt employee productivity during installation and reconfiguration.


Here are the main advantages of using movable walls instead of traditional drywall construction:

Expedites the schedule
• Reduce installation time
• Construction moves faster and costs less due to simplified sequencing

Simplifies complexity
• Single point of contact vs. multiple vendors
• Streamlined process vs. confused roles and responsibilities
• Integrated portfolio vs. discrete building systems
• Intelligent components vs. excessive inventory management

Saves money
• Depreciates in 1 year with new 2018 IRS rules vs. 39 years for conventional solutions
• Less time to install or reconfigure, vs. conventional construction
• Minimizes downtime, vs. dust, noise and disruptions
• Components are reusable, vs. discarded materials

Protects the Environment
• Recycled material content
• Certifications: Cradle to Cradle, SCS Indoor Advantage, Indoor Air Quality
• Low emitting materials; NO: PVCs, VOCs, fiberglass, on-site off-gassing
• Contribute to LEED certification credits
• 100% reusable; at the end of its life, the system is recyclable

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