08.19.19 | BOSTINNO

#OfficeEnvy: Check out Red Thread’s “Living Showroom” in the Seaport District

On the sixth floor of 101 Seaport Blvd., is Red Thread’s corporate headquarters, the Steelcase Worklife space–a living showroom with vast harbor views. Red Thread, in partnership with Steelcase, is a furniture dealer that uses design to create engaging workplace environments…. read more


Red Thread Helps PTC New Headquarters Reflect Workplace Transformation

Having undergone its own transition to open, task-oriented office culture, the integrator was the perfect partner when software giant PTC moved its headquarters next door… read more

06.12.19 | RED THREAD

PTC’s Innovative Headquarters Wins Commercial Integrator 2019 Integration Award

BOSTON, MA, June 12, 2019 — Red Thread and Steelcase are proud to announce that PTC’s Seaport Headquarters has won Commercial Integrator’s 2019 Best Corporate Campus Integration Project Award… read more

06.06.18 | STEELCASE

Steelcase and West Elm Announce Plans to Partner

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., June 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Steelcase and West Elm today announce plans to combine their expertise to create new kinds of workplace solutions to support the changing preferences of people at work. The two companies are finalizing the details… read more


Don’t Be a ‘One-and-Done’ AV Integrator

Technology integration businesses don’t always set expectations for their customers — but any AV integrator should know that’s dangerous…. read more

10.25.17 | PR NEWSWIRE

Meeting Owl’s 360° Video/Audio Transforms the Remote Meeting Experience

The kind of work we do today is radically different than the work we did even 20 years ago. Corporate office design has to adapt and change to meet evolving workplace strategies and drive corporate growth. A workplace transformation is the rethinking of flexible work spaces to accommodate different kinds of work, workers, and technology… read more

09.25.17 | HIGH PROFILE

Why Workplace Transformation?

The kind of work we do today is radically different than the work we did even 20 years ago. Corporate office design has to adapt and change to meet evolving workplace strategies and drive corporate growth. A workplace transformation is the rethinking of flexible work spaces to accommodate different kinds of work, workers, and technology… read more

05.25.17 | Commercial Integrator

6 Companies That Actually Use the Office Technology They Sell

Would you hire a plumber if you noticed a leaky faucet in his office? Expertise in your field is important, and AV integrators are embracing that idea more every day, with many of them opening new offices, adding showrooms or renovating their existing spaces to create the office technology-centric work environments they’re trying to convince their customers to let them install… read more

03.30.17 | Commercial Integrator

Steelcase and Microsoft Announce Development of Technology-Enabled Spaces

Steelcase and Microsoft have joined forces to explore the future of work, developing a range of technology-enabled spaces designed to help organizations foster creative thinking and better collaboration. These spaces “seamlessly integrate the best of Microsoft Surface devices with Steelcase architecture and furniture,” according to the joint announcement about what the companies are calling five new Creative Spaces that “showcase how Steelcase and Microsoft can help organizations unlock creativity for every employee… read more

02.02.17 | AV Network/Systems Contractor News

2017 Regional Report: Integrators on the State of Business

Population booms, politics, and the client’s desire for a true global partner are a few of the factors influencing the industry outlook for 2017. From sea to shining sea, we took the pulse of integrators from the Pacific Northwest through the Heartland, and along the Eastern Seaboard to assess what happened in 2016 and to get a glimpse of what’s in store for us this year… read more

01.25.17 | PR Newswire

Red Thread Adopts Jive Interactive Intranet as the Foundation of a Best-in-Class Virtual Workplace

Jive Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: JIVE) today announced that Red Thread, a leader in creating innovative physical office environments, recently launched a beautifully designed virtual environment for its own employees using the Jive Interactive Intranet solution. As a result of this new digital workplace, dubbed the “Red Thread Virtual Café,” the company has fostered stronger connections between employees, increased strategic alignment and enhanced project collaboration… read more

01.18.17 | Commercial Integrator

AV Integrators Defend Open Floor Plans

There’s no doubt it’s a little bit shocking and a bit tough to get used to working in an office with no cubicles, no offices and only the necessary walls. In AV, Red Thread is among the trailblazers when it comes to open office floor plans—and that innovation comes in part because the Boston-based AV integrator is owned by a furniture company… read more

 09.26.16 | HIGH PROFILE

The Art and Science of Integrating AV Technology into Interior Spaces

As with all good design, a successful implementation begins with a tailored strategy built around the organization’s unique business, culture, and work process. Spending time upfront with both leadership and employees lays the foundation for a workplace that is a key asset in supporting the organization’s vision and goals. When planning the integration of AV technology into interior space, there are several important considerations…  read more

09.01.16 | Hartford Business Journal

Greater Hartford’s innovative office spaces

Red Thread’s business is helping shape workplace interiors so it’s no surprise the company’s own office reflects some of the latest trends in the industry. The company has eliminated private offices in favor of a residential open-plan neighborhood… read more

08.18.16 | Commercial Integrator

Here’s Why Office Space Matters to Company Culture

Can a leadership team’s space help to influence corporate culture? The answer is simple, yes. Absolutely and positively. Because what does leadership ultimately do? They inspire employees; modelling behavior and driving a collective corporate culture that benefits the organization’s mission and strategic goals… read more

08.03.16 | Workplaces Magazine
Leadership at Furniture Maker Moves to ‘Banks of the River’

Steelcase is on the cutting edge of a movement across North America that is pushing executives out of cushy corner offices into open workspaces that a decade ago would be unthinkable for the country club crowd leaders. The notion of traditional hierarchical management has changed. Leaders want to create offices that offer openness, transparency and engagement so they can push power back down into the organization… read more

07.26.16 | Commercial Integrator

Inside the Futuristic Workplace Everyone’s Trying to Mimic

We’ve heard and written a lot lately about the so-called “workplace of the future.” For Boston-based integrator Red Thread, though, the move to a posh new main office in the city’s Seaport district was the perfect opportunity to create the office of the future today for everyone to see… read more