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Three New Office Design Ideas to Inspire Creativity

Three New Office Design Ideas to Inspire Creativity

Employees have new and increased expectations of their employers and workplaces — craving a new office design dramatically different and better than the one they left. Recent Steelcase research uncovered those who have been comfortable at home, whether it be because they enjoyed a more relaxed environment or had created a space to work that…


Ancillary furniture: comfortable, beautiful and perfect for creating inspiring workplace destinations

It’s 2019 and no one wants to sit in a sea of cubicles anymore. That’s where ancillary comes in. Ancillary furniture plays a key role in today’s workplace design. As the way we work has changed, so have the spaces we want to work in. Employees want spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but…


What is ancillary furniture?

Ancillary is a term you may have heard recently with regard to designing a space, but what does it mean? Here we delve into the trends that have impacted the rise in ancillary furniture within the workplace and hospitality sector, its definition, and the three questions you should ask yourself as you compare products. How…

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Ergonomic solutions for ancillary spaces

Ancillary spaces are becoming more and more common within the modern work environment. With offices becoming more flexible, open, and mobile, ancillary spaces provide a comfortable and collaborative option for a change of scenery. The problem is that ancillary spaces can be more stylish than functional, creating ergonomic issues for employees and hindering productivity. Here we present ergonomic solutions to some of the most common issues seen…

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