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Workplace Innovation Hub: Our Move to 55 Hartland Street

What’s changed with our Red Thread Connecticut office? The way we shop, learn, entertain, and travel have dramatically changed since the pandemic – the same is true for the way we work. Fundamental patterns in our lives look completely different, accelerating existing trends and revealing new unmet needs. We have fully embraced a new hybrid…

What does a hybrid work model look like?

What is a hybrid work model?

The way we work has dramatically changed.  More and more organizations are moving to a hybrid work model that’s continuously evolving based on the aspirations and needs of its people. What is hybrid work? Hybrid work is an agile process where people have the flexibility and autonomy to choose how, where, and when they work.…

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Red Thread’s Hybrid Work Framework and Outcome

Our Boston WorkLife in Seaport underwent a recent Steelcase refresh to create a whole new look and feel with new furniture and technology applications based on findings from their 2021 Future of Work Global Report. Being in the business, our space not only reflects our own need for a hybrid work framework, but it doubles as…

Hybrid Work Environments for Virtual Collaboration

Hybrid Work Environments for Virtual Collaboration

Hybrid work is here to stay. In fact, 72% of survey respondents believe they will adopt hybrid work environments with work happening at home and in the office, according to Steelcase’s Global Return to Workplace Study. Research shows people need and expect a work experience that’s fundamentally better than what they left. However, talent attraction…