Today, we understand more than ever that office space is a key factor in boosting employee engagement and performance. But we also know that workplace engagement is a much more complex issue.

There are are a matrix of factors involved that inform and work in tandem to create optimal environments for people to collaborate, innovate, produce and excel. That’s why, when we found this infographic and article entitled, “Becoming irresistible: A new model for employee engagement” from Deloitte University Press, we had to share it. In simple visual terms, the graphic breaks down 5 key elements that drive workplace engagement;

  1. Meaningful work
  2. Hands-on management
  3. Positive work environment
  4. Opportunity for growth
  5. Trust

Then we learn the key factors for each of these elements. So, while an amazing, inspiring workplace design can help boost engagement and productivity, keep in mind that for sustainable results, it pays to take a holistic view.

Employee engagement info graphic

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