Recently, our Vermont based Account Executive, Jackie DesLauriers, shared a small project that had a big impact. Her client, Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont wanted to create a flexible space in the library that would boost student engagement. They loved it so much – they created a video! Here’s a bit about the space!

What were the project goals?
The project goal was to create a space that worked for the students, giving them the ability to plug in and work, collaborate and work and giving them a place for informal discussions.

Can you describe the space?
The space is fun, innovative, collaborative & exciting. Students are drawn to it and really enjoy utilizing the “laptop bar” and paper tables.

What product were used and why?
The Campfire Big table which is also known as the laptop bar is a great place for students and teachers to plug in and work. Enea Lotus stools were used because the customer really liked the design of the stools. Coalesse Bob chair with head rest and ottoman to bring a classic contemporary and elegant feel to the space as this room is part of the the Library. A couple of Alight ottomans for the fun element. Campfire Big lounge to give the students a place to sit, paired with the paper tables and skate table to really create that collaboration area they were looking for. And lastly, i2i lounge chairs with the tablet arms which face the lake and are very functional but again bring a sense of the classic modern feel.

How did the students respond?
The students first reaction was that the space was very cool. Since then, the space continues to be the one that everyone is drawn too and goes to for collaboration, study and focus time wihich really helps boost student engagement

What is a key “takeaway” that you can share about this project?
My key takeaway is that we at Red Thread and Steelcase have the capability to create beautiful spaces that are very functional and highly appreciated in the higher education market.

Check out the video that Champlain College made about their new library space!