Our technology team is out on the streets of Connecticut! Keep your eyes peeled for Red Thread in the towns of New London CT, West Hartford, Berlin, Rocky Hill and others as these towns make the smart transition to LED streetlights which can save them upwards of 70% on their electrical bills.

ISO 14001 certification red threadIn New London they are converting more than 2,700 streetlights which are expected to last 20 years and save the city $373,000 a year in energy costs alone. Residents applaud the transition to a more green option, the old sodium bulbs only lasted three to five years, the city will also save money on the manpower and materials needed to replace them. In addition, our teams are helping to recycle the old lights!

So, if you’re in the area, please slow down in the work zones and give our guys wave if you see them. Thanks to our team, Mike Richi, Jim DiCiocco, Ken Letendre, Ed Leavitt & Antonio Pimentel for realizing the opportunity to make our communities more green and energy efficient – and for making sure all our teams are safe out there. Or should I say up there!

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