Wires, wires, wires everywhere. Especially true in the modern office! Who hasn’t experienced the frustration of trying to find an open outlet to quickly charge your phone or device before it dies? Good news, wireless charging is not only a reality but coming to an desk near you. Our partners at Teslink have developed technology to allow people to effortlessly access power to charge their devices – whether in hotels, airports, coffee shops or at your office.

TesLink® from Gill Electronics senses, communicates and responds to user’s devices. “TesLink® is based on the AirFuel™ | Resonant specification and standard for wireless resonant power and charging. Gill Electronics co-founded the AirFuel Alliance™ and co-developed the specification for this wireless power standard. Unlike induction technology, TesLink® is a star topology* network which enables multiple devices to charge simultaneously from the same transmitter at the same time. This allows for more devices to charge economically, versus the one-to-one platform needed in first generation wireless induction technology.”

How it Works:

Teslink How it Works

Key Facts:

  • TesLink® does not heat nearby metal objects and can charge in their presence. Meets CE, FCC, and ICNIRP certification for safety.
  • No drilling out holes within tables to install.
  • TesLink® offers up to 40mm of signal penetration through table and other surfaces.
  • Older induction technology requires specific placement of the device on a specific location on the surface in order to charge. TesLink® can be placed anywhere within the charging field.
  • Charging devices with different power requirements and different power states on the same area and at the same time – automatically.

For more information, please contact Technology team. Jason Perrone 860 338-3674.

All images courtesy of © Gill Electronics