SMART kapp IQ logoHalf whiteboard, half Ultra HD display

When it’s time to brainstorm, grab a digital pen and start writing like you would on any whiteboard. You can share your notes as you go worldwide – and the world can write you back. When you’re ready to present, switch inputs with a tap to show all kinds of media in stunning Ultra HD resolution.


SMART kapp iQ™ isn’t just a whiteboard. It’s the world’s best Ultra HD enabled display and includes:

  • Multi-way inking – All remote participants can write on the display in real-time from any device. Different ink colors make ideas come alive and help identify contributions.
  • Display-to-devices – Connect any Android or iOS device to SMART kapp iQ and you can share and save in real-time to any connected laptop, tablet, smartphone or other SMART kapp iQ displays.


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