AEW Capital Management – Boston, MA


AEW Capital’s transformation of its existing headquarters at 2 Seaport Lane in Boston, MA was a unique opportunity to not only support company growth, but also create a destination that earned their employees’ commute. Employees (existing and new) were looking to connect with their colleagues, collaborate in ways that they can’t at home, and find focus away from the distractions of home life – all within a sophisticated yet flexible space.

The company recognized the need to inspire employees by offering choice and control from a variety of spaces to support different modes of work throughout the day. From heads down focus work to impromptu collaboration, the upscale space supports all employees for the task at hand. The space now provides more adjacencies and open collaboration while still maximizing private offices and enclosed meeting rooms. By refreshing the space to incorporate elements like natural light and wood veneer finishes, employees feel rejuvenated, which also leads to an increase of productivity. To encourage socialization, their people can gather with others in the heart of the space – the Ciao café. Beyond the core workspace, employees also have the option of prioritizing their health during the day by visiting the on-site gym. While the previous space was filled with large conference rooms, AEW Capital’s reimagined office now supports all different activities including focusing, collaborating, learning, and socializing.

Photos © Evan Joseph Photography

Project Partners 

  • Elkus Manfredi Architects


  • Furniture