Confidential Smart Growth Development Company – Watertown, MA


This confidential smart growth development company has been transformed along the Charles River in Watertown, Massachusetts. It draws upon the history of Watertown to create a true live, work, play environment. It offers a modern-day experience in apartment living with its industrial and sleek design while its amenity spaces sets it apart from all other living experiences in town. Residents have an abundance of choices in where they spend their time between work nooks, the library lounge, a game room, and an incredible outdoor escape onto the roof deck. Retail shops and restaurants spill into the outdoor areas, blurring the lines of inside and out to create an amazing urban village and strong sense of community.

Red Thread worked with 75 vendors to create a variety of residential settings with a professional specification and procurement of a corporate project. Through coordinating hundreds of products and managing several relationships, we helped reinvigorate the former location to become a destination of Watertown and the Boston metro area.

Photos © Anton Grassl Photography

Project Partners 

  • PCA Design
  • Bolyston Properties


  • Furniture