Olympus – Westborough, MA


As Olympus’ 100th year anniversary approached, so did a new 150,000 square feet facility located at 800 West Park Drive. This four-story campus serves as a hub of med-tech innovation and is Olympus’ U.S. medical headquarters and world headquarters of its therapeutic division. To consolidate their three locations into one central space, this global medical technology enterprise can now enhance its Research & Development (R&D) process for medical devices while offering a new home to home to many of its Massachusetts-based employees.

The world-class facility will drive community connections, employee wellness, global collaboration and virtual medical collaboration advancements through its open office, lab space, surgical suites, cafeteria, fitness center, and daycare. Throughout the building, environmental graphics reflect Olympus’ core values and remind employees of what drives their work by empowering existing employees as scientists and attracting new talent.

Dedicated to creating a new workplace standard, the third and fourth floors include a combination of private offices and open collaboration areas to give employees choice and control over where or how they work. The intentional orange and blue color scheme complement each other while the bold and youthful vibe of the space inspires innovation and enhances productivity. In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, flexible workstations with boundary screens offer workers more safety at their desks. Acoustical and privacy needs are also met through flexible furniture arrangements. The futureproof, collaborative nature of the space allows Olympus to adopt to change as departments grow over the years.

Photos © Richard Gayle Photography

Project Partners 

  • SMMA Design
  • Redgate Construction


  • Furniture