One Congress – Boston, MA


Red Thread played a pivotal role in bringing the vision of One Congress, Boston’s iconic new office tower, to life. We helped create spaces that surpassed the ordinary, embodying a vibrant celebration of community, creativity, and functionality. Over the course of this three-year endeavor, the Red Thread team embarked on this exciting journey, in collaboration with Gachot Studios, HYM Investment Group, and Carr Properties.

We helped create this highly curated environment with roughly 1500 individually sourced and 580 custom furnishings, working alongside 90 vendors. This included vintage treasures from Brimfield, adding layers of richness to the design and turning every corner of One Congress into a unique story waiting to be told. The ancillary design encompassed One Congress’s lobby, outdoor setting, and a myriad of amenity spaces on the 11th floor, including the fitness, happy hour bar, living room, library, and function room.

The challenges of a five-phase delivery and installation process, coupled with pushed out construction timelines, were met with adaptability and resilience, showcasing the team’s commitment to delivering excellence. One Congress emerges as a community cornerstone, shaping the future of its surroundings. The project stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of personal and professional elements, resulting in hospitality spaces designed not just to be admired but authentically enjoyed.

Photos © David La Spina Photography

Project Partners 

  • Carr Properties
  • HYM Investment Group
  • Gachot Studios


  • Furniture