The Cube – Stamford, CT

Bringing BLT’s vision of a COVID-friendly tenant space to life.

Building and Land Technology (BLT) focuses on creating ecosystems in both the commercial and residential environment. BLT recognizes the challenge of employees returning to the office and partnered with Red Thread to develop a safe and compelling concept space for its own employees and tenants of the building.

This CT real estate developer breathed new life into One Elmcroft Road, an existing prestigious facility that has become one of Stamford’s most recognizable corporate address. Designed by the renowned master of modern architecture I.M. Pei, this iconic corporate location provides 500,000 square feet of space and unobstructed views of the Stamford Harbor and Long Island Sound. Despite the building’s superior infrastructure and incredible location, the COVID-19 global pandemic caused BLT to incorporate a new space where both employees and visitors could confidently and safely collaborate with another, either face-to-face or virtually.

BLT’s goal was to create a flexible and forward-thinking conference room to place into One Elmcroft’s 5,000 square foot lobby. Building on Steelcase research, BLT’s industry experience, and Red Thread’s integration capabilities, together we created a full, free-standing meeting room called “The Cube.” This room serves as an internal and external collaborative meeting space. BLT employees may invite guests to meet in The Cube without the need to bring them into their own offices. The Cube also serves as a model example of how to create a flexible, collaborative, high-tech space.

The structure of the conference room is built with Steelcase V.I.A., a double-glazed flexible demountable wall system. The planning of the materials and cleanability was an important detail, even on the demountable wall surfaces, comprised of glass, metal and whiteboards. This system acts as a ‘kit of parts,’ which allows for maximum future flexibility. The furniture in the room has a modern, clean aesthetic and was planned with social distancing in mind. The room features a high-end technology platform to both share content and host virtual meetings. The Red Thread technology team engineered a solution with a wall-mounted thin LED display, high-resolution camera, and speakers/microphones for an immersive user experience. The Cube also boasts Krypton-36 far-UV lighting, which utilizes 222 nm light continuously throughout the space. This spectrum of light has proven both effective at disinfection and safe to use in occupied spaces. Because Red Thread is an expert on integrated interiors, all three segments (architectural products, furniture, and technology) were thoughtfully designed in a tailored solution with maximum functionality and a seamless execution.

“If you take the advice of scientists and apply it to technologies and training of employees, you can certainly get back in the office effectively and safely,” said Mike Handler, Co-President of BLT. “What we’ve experienced is a dramatic improvement in terms of our ability to collaborate and get work done. I don’t think there’s any doubt in our minds that getting back in the office has been a positive step.”

Project Partners

  • Building and Land Technology (BLT)
  • Steelcase


  • Furniture
  • Technology
  • Demountable Walls

Red Thread Case Study: BLT infographic