In an increasingly competitive landscape, every organization wants to differentiate itself from its competitors. At the same time, in order to attract and retain younger generations, your work environment needs to feel inspiring, collaborative and creative. As you look for office furniture to meet these needs, sometimes off-the-shelf solutions just don’t work. Did you know that you can get custom furniture solutions crafted to fit any style and budget? While many believe “custom” translates to “expensive” – it is quite the opposite, often saving thousands of dollars and tailored perfectly for your needs. Here are five situations where you should consider a custom furniture solution:

1. Functionality

Sometimes you need a piece of furniture to meet a specific functionality, or be tailor-fit to a specific space. For example, an unusual-shaped room may require a custom table design, or you may have unique storage needs for a particular area.

Sometimes you need a worksurface to be just a little longer, or a cabinet to be just a little shallower to fit into a specific space. No problem! Those kinds of adjustments may not be offered by your manufacturer, but we can provide that solution to you quickly and seamlessly.

Examples of functional custom furniture designs within office settings
Left: Shawmut Design and Construction © Robert Benson Photography; Right: Ocean Spray © Christopher Navin Photography

At Shawmut Design and Construction, these custom high-top tables offer tailored storage for drawings and plans. With custom solutions, you can truly maximize your real estate with functional pieces that still maintain your desired aesthetic.

At Ocean Spray, the unique shape of this boardroom required a seven-sided table to maximize both the space and participant visibility to shared content.

2. Aesthetic & Brand

Sometimes you need a piece with a special fit and finish. A reception desk is a great opportunity to tailor a specific aesthetic, as it is the first impression for your business, and can communicate a great deal to your visitors.

Examples of reception desks within office environments
Left: Red Thread Stamford reception desk © Joseph Ferraro Photography; Right: Reception desk and signage at Ocean Spray © Christopher Navin Photography

At Red Thread’s Stamford office, the reception desk’s clean, contemporary textures and angled surface welcomes guests to our modern working showroom. Ocean Spray wanted to bring out the rich history of its organization and location. They used reclaimed wood from an old church in New Jersey to incorporate an agricultural feel and local New England charm. The wood was hand selected for the reception area and boardroom to identify 6-foot long pieces with no knots. The custom signage was also thoughtfully designed to blend materiality with Ocean Spray’s brand.

3. Cost

Sometimes you fall in love with an elegant conference table that would look fantastic in your boardroom, but are shocked at the sticker price. There is always another way to achieve the same look and feel for less. Locally sourced materials and labor can impact prices considerably. The table on the left was able to be value engineered to a better price point for the client while still maintaining a similar aesthetic.

custom conference table inspiration image next to finished result
Left: Inspirational conference table from manufacturer; Right: A value-engineered custom solution by Red Thread

4. Technology

Technology is ubiquitous throughout the workplace, and there are endless opportunities to thoughtfully integrate cables, power, data, microphones, etc. Custom office furniture enables you to maintain a clean aesthetic while artfully concealing cables and connections.

custom conference table with embedded microphones and LED lighting
International Aerospace Engines | © H2Z Design, LLC

This custom conference table integrates microphones and LED lighting as part of a sleek, modern design.

5. Speed

When you are short on time, a custom solution can often deliver much more quickly than a standard manufacturer. While some manufacturers can typically take 8-12 weeks, a custom solution can be manufactured in as little as 3-6, depending on the complexity. These custom lockers were created in only 2 weeks!

custom lockers at the end of a bank of workstations
Boehringer | © Red Thread

Custom furniture can be a strategic solution for accommodating unique space needs, aesthetic and brand requirements, technology integrations, and time and budget constraints. Contact us to learn more about our custom furniture offerings.