Why collaboration as a service matters during COVID-19 and beyond

Our friends at Coalesse have assembled a few tips to help you “think better”. As we all know, today our…

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Office planning

10 Design tips to refresh your mind from Coalesse.

Our friends at Coalesse have assembled a few tips to help you “think better”. As we all know, today our…

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email overload

Conquering email overload at work

It’s the end of a three day holiday weekend and as you sit down at your desk you experience that familiar overwhelming…

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work cafe

Boost employee engagement by connecting people + purpose.

What does having “purpose” solve in the workplace? According to Nicolas de Benoist, “When people are engaged in something greater than…

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5 Questions for Red Thread’s CEO, Jeff Keener.

In October of last year, we were pleased to welcome Jeff Keener as he took over the helm of Red…

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workplace collaboration spaces

Case study for an employee wellbeing strategy.

Humantech, an ergonomics consulting firm nurtures an employee wellbeing strategy by embracing a  “palette of place”. Steelcase 360 Magazine editors…

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A brief tour of the Steelcase historical archives.

Want to take a walk through furniture history? Recently I spent an hour (or two) perusing the interactive historical timeline…

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active learning grant

Active Learning Center Grant 2015 | Fairfield University

Active Learning is based upon the principle that students must do more than just passively listen and memorize. To truly…

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12 Great reads on “thinking better”

“The cognitive neuroscience of memory and attention–our improved understanding of the brain, its evolution and limitations–can help us better cope…

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startup culture

How to re-ignite a startup culture.

In the new Steelcase 360 Magazine entitled “Think Better” there’s an article called, “Igniting a Sense of Start-up Culture”. We…

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Robots in the workspace?

In May I had the privilege of visiting the MIT Media Lab with Hasier Larrea. Hasier is a freshly minted graduate…

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Neuroscience: The new competitive advantage

In workplaces throughout the world, scenarios of near-constant distraction have become the norm. Thankfully, our ability to focus is still…

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Maine Startup & Create Week

Downtown Portland is buzzing with energy as attendees participate in Maine Startup & Create Week. Our own Stephanie Brock, Business…

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