Enclosed private spaces are a necessity for any workplace, and movable walls offer the perfect framework to support focused work and rejuvenation.

The rise of the open floorplan created challenges for many employees. Did you know that we are interrupted every 3 minutes at work, and it can take up to 23 minutes to return to a state of flow? Also, introverts make up 33-50% of the workforce, but seldom have access to spaces where they can take a breather and recharge.

Movable, or demountable walls, can be used to create enclaves that provide visual and auditory privacy while supporting a flexible floorplan that can adapt to changing business needs. Private spaces are part of a broader ‘ecosystem of zones’ that enables workers to select the right space for their needs at that time, whether that is collaborating, socializing, learning, focusing, or rejuvenate.

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Here are some examples of private spaces created with movable walls (also known as demountable walls):

Private OfficeSupports a balance of focused and collaborative work
– Enables a manager to host both local guests and distributed team members
– Supports individual work and collaboration
private office movable walls private office

HDVC Enclave: Creates a private space for 1:1 video conferencing
– Keeps larger meeting rooms available for appropriately sized groups by offering smaller enclaves for 1:1 sessions
– With superior acoustics, conversations remain private
– Integrated media:scape kiosk offers high definition videoconferencing
private space movable walls hdvc enclave

Focus Enclave: Creates a private space for heads-down work
– Workers can use this space for concentration work between meetings
– A shielded environment with superior acoustics buffers against external noise and keeps inside conversations private
– Integrated lighting creates a welcoming environment optimized for web conferencing
private space movable walls focus enclave

Phone Booth: Provides on-demand privacy adjacent to open plan areas
– Workers in an open plan environment need access to private spaces for personal and professional phone calls
– Blending glass and solid skins achieves a balance between visual privacy and a connection to the rest of the workplace
– Superior acoustics keep conversations private.
private space movable walls phone booth

Quiet Space: Provides spaces for workers to unwind and decompress.
– Superior acoustics to buffer against external noise from an open plan environment, as well as keep inside conversations private.
– Blending glass and solid skins achieves a balance between visual privacy and a connection to the rest of the workplace
– Lounge furniture supports a relaxed posture, and a laptop table supports mobile devices.
private space movable walls quiet space

When evaluating your workplace ecosystem, consider how movable walls can create private spaces to promote focus, productivity and rejuvenation for your employees!

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