Enclosed collaborative spaces are a must-have for any workplace, and demountable walls are the perfect framework to support creative teamwork.

The rise of the open plan created some issues for employees who crave privacy for collaborating and focusing as a group. While open plan areas can support quick interactions and short meetings, teams are more productive and creative when provided with enclosed spaces that eliminate interruptions and offer integrated technology. At the same time, the acoustic properties of the wall systems prevent other workers from being disturbed by active brainstorming and video conferencing sessions. Demountable walls provide the integrated technology, acoustic and visual privacy, and future flexibility for reconfigurations.

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Here are some examples of collaborative spaces created with demountable walls (also known as movable walls):

Huddle Room: Keeps distributed teams aligned and connected
– Integrated media:scape supports collaboration for 2-3 local participants, when a full conference room is not necessary
– HDVC connects local and remote participants
– Blending of glass and solid skins balances privacy with visibility to the open floorplan
– Room reservation system allows workers to schedule time in the space
collaborative space demountable walls

Briefing Room: A modern boardroom for interactive presentations and discussions
– Integrated Microsoft Surface Hub for one-touch Skype meetings and digital whiteboarding
– Overflow lounge seating for additional participants
– Tabletop & ceiling mics to support videoconferencing sessions
– Cable management cubbies conceal wires
– Combination of solid panels and glass offers visual and acoustical privacy while supporting natural light
collaborative space demountable walls

Workshop Space: Supports active learning for larger working sessions
– Integrated Microsoft Surface Hub supports content sharing, videoconferencing, and co-collaboration
– Standing-height tables support change in posture
– Mobile markerboards support brainstorming
– Movable furniture allows for multiple configurations
– Solid panels create visual and acoustical privacy
collaborative space demountable walls

Brainstorming Room: A compact setting that supports quick meetings
– Integrated Microsoft Surface Hub supports digital collaboration and videoconferencing
– Solid panels create visual and acoustical privacy
– Tackboard allows for pinning of work materials
collaborative space demountable walls

Project Team Studio: Supports problem solving and rapid idea generation
– Integrated Microsoft Surface Hub connects local and remote teams and supports digital content creation
– Whiteboard skins support analog content creation
– Wall storage houses reference materials
– Tables allow for easy circulation within the space
– Solid panels support visual and acoustical privacy
collaborative space demountable walls

Project Team Office: Supports a balance of focused and collaborative work
– Enables teams to host both local guests and distributed team members
– Supports individual work and collaboration
– Blending of glass and solid skins balances privacy with visibility to the open floorplan
– Integrated Microsoft Surface Hub supports co-creation
collaborative space demountable walls

When evaluating how to improve collaboration in your workplace, consider how demountable walls can create collaborative spaces to promote productivity, creativity and innovation for your employees!

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  1. Whether focused heads-down work or collaborating with a team, true acoustic privacy is achieved by having standard seals on all frames, and skins and seals at other potential sound paths such as the doors, outlets and hang on storage. V.I.A.’s engineering excellence results in being able to achieve an STC rating of 52 – the highest on the market. It enables dynamic, collaborative team spaces adjacent to focused workspaces without creating noise disturbances.

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