November brought us inspiration through a variety of unique shapes and textures. Check out our top ancillary picks below. These statement pieces help evoke creativity and establish unique settings in the workplace.
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ancillary furniture

Ansel White Tibetan Fur Chair by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

The Ansel White Tibetan Fur Chair is definitely not your average office chair. Then again, we know that today, the definition of the “average office” is becoming obsolete as we move towards “resi-mmercial” design. This piece can help create a comfortable stand-alone quiet space that is sure to inspire creativity.

ancillary office furniture

Tremont Cocktail Table by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Truly a one-of-a-kind piece, this table’s base is created from natural teak root. Its organic shape makes it a great statement piece in any setting. The best part? No trees were cut down to obtain the roots in the base – they come from trees sustainably harvested for lumber!

ancillary office furniture

 Ad-Hoc by Viccarbe

Handcrafted from brass, each Ad-Hoc chair is as unique as its design. Made for indoor or outdoor use, it’s original texture and swooping shape provides the perfect space to lounge comfortably and work.

ancillary office furniture

Ridge by Darran

Described as “both art and furniture,” Ridge is the perfect occasional table. Its patinaed metal surface results in a unique color and texture, to bring a creative touch to your space.

ancillary office furniture

Shadowy by Moroso

Like something imagined by Dr. Seuss, Shadowy’s curves and colors bring character to any setting. The chair is handwoven by artisans in Senegal and the beautiful craftmanship makes for a great conversation piece, whether it’s in a work café or a focus space.

Don’t forget to check back in next month for our top picks of December. Missed last month’s picks? Check them out here.

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