This month, our top ancillary picks are some of the pieces we used in our Boston WorkLife refresh. These pieces help inspire our people, encouraging both creative group collaboration and individual creativity. Check them out below!

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Millbrae Contract Lounge Seating by Coalesse

The best of both worlds, Millbrae Contract Lounge seating provides firm comfort through its upright posture and supportive cushions. We used this piece to create a versatile setting that can be used for meetings, impromptu collaboration, or socializing over lunch.

ancillary furniture

Buttercup Rocker by Blu Dot

Not your grandma’s rocking chair, the Buttercup Rocker puts a contemporary twist on a classic piece of furniture. Perfect for people who fidget, this chair supports movement that can aid in concentration at work.

ancillary office furniture

Alight Ottoman by turnstone

Designed for impromptu and collaborative spaces, Alight sets the stage for creative thinking in a more relaxed working environment. Cover it in a fun fabric and Alight’s distinctive shape adds a unique touch to your space!

ancillary office furniture

Campfire Paper Table by turnstone

Campfire Paper Table, by turnstone, is topped with a giant stack of paper, so you can just load up your thoughts, rip it off and start over the next day. Useful for both brainstorming and doodling, the Campfire Paper Table helps people think creatively.


ancillary furniture

Real Good Chair by Blu Dot

With its antique copper finish and contemporary origami silhouette, this chair is one of our favorite new pieces. Not only does it look like a contemporary piece of art, but its comfortable too! Just as its name suggests, it really is a Real Good Chair.

Don’t forget to check back in next month for our top picks of December. Missed last month’s picks? Check them out here.

Buttercup Rocker by Blu Dot image (left) courtesy of  Mark Mahaney
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