Aroma Joe’s – Scarborough, ME


Aroma Joe’s, one of the nation’s leading handcrafted beverage franchises, relocated its headquarters from South Portland to the vibrant enclave of 700 Technology Way in Scarborough. This strategic relocation underscores the company’s commitment to advancement, innovation, and heightened operational efficacy.

The new 8,480-square-foot headquarters seamlessly integrates collaborative zones, ergonomic workstations, and inviting communal spaces, meticulously curated to nurture creativity and productivity. Within this dynamic space, the Collab Café thrives as a bustling hub for spontaneous interactions and brainstorming sessions, while the Training Room stands ready for educational workshops and professional development. Adding to the ambiance, the inviting West Elm Belle sofa provides stylish soft seating areas for relaxation and informal meetings, complementing the Coffee shop’s sense of community and creativity. Tranquil retreats for focused work and reflection await in the quiet area mezzanine, alongside ergonomically designed workstations that prioritize both productivity and comfort.
The headquarters also boasts unassigned spaces adorned with flexible seating arrangements and multifunctional zones, catering to various work styles and fostering collaboration. With the addition of Privacy Walls by Steelcase, the company gains the ability to adapt to changing needs effortlessly. These demountable walls offer on-demand flexibility, aligning with the company’s growth trajectory and vision for the future.

Nestled within Scarborough’s Enterprise Business Park, the new headquarters embodies Aroma Joe’s vision for innovation and expansion. It serves as a dynamic hub where ideas are exchanged and creativity flourishes.

Photos © Ryan Bent Photography

Project Partners 

  • SMRT


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  • Demountable Walls