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Create by Red Thread is your custom furniture studio.
Have a unique need? Budget constraints? We specialize in creative problem solving to meet your needs in fit, finish and price.

Off-the-shelf solutions don’t meet everyone’s needs. Did you know that custom office furniture can save you time and money? “Custom” doesn’t necessarily mean “expensive”, and there is no better way to get exactly what you want. We are experts in delivering solutions at a faster pace than some manufacturers, at a lower cost, and perfectly tailored to your environment. Let us show you how custom office furniture can enhance your workplace!


Create / Originals

We can create just about anything you can imagine, from storage to tables to cabinetry. Our Create Originals are one-of-a-kind.

– Conference Tables
– Reception Desks
– Workstations
– Executive Desks
– Credenzas
– Ancillary Components

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Create / Standard Offering

The Create Standard Offering is a collection of semi-custom pieces that expand your choices from off-the-shelf solutions. Select your fabrics and finishes, and these pieces can be produced in 3-6 weeks.

– Tables, Tabletops & Bases
– Storage – Desktop, Cabinets, Filing
– Shelves & Bookcases
– Lockers
– Wall & Mobile Panels
– Screens

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See how we translate concepts to reality! We have been designing and building custom office furniture since 1980. Our extensive design and planning experience enables us to help you solve difficult space planning problems.



Check out this ping-pong conference table! It’s a great way to build a playful culture that also supports focused collaboration.


Infographic showing our custom furniture process

As a single source provider of custom solutions, Red Thread collaborates with you from concept to execution.

Consultative Approach
We can develop your idea into a conceptual design or execute plans provided by your architect or designer.

Project Management
From needs assessment through installation, we manage your project each step of the way.

Realistic 360° Renderings
Visualize your finished product with your selected material and finish options.

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