Steelcase’s V.I.A demountable wall system is the future proof foundation for the modern workplace.


Just what is V.I.A. you might ask? V.I.A., an acronym for Vertical Intelligent Architecture, is Steelcase’s revolutionary demountable wall system recently introduced to the market. Installed in December 2014 at Red Thread’s Seaport showroom and workspace, this architectural product revolutionizes how we utilize walls in space design.

Many companies today have responded to the call for innovation by opening up their offices and creating open plan environments. While this has helped enhance collaboration, it has come at the expense of focused work, privacy and the productivity of many employees. An estimated 70 percent of office spaces in the United States have some form of open plan, according to the International Management Facility Association. In addition, with privacy panels all but disappearing and shared benching solutions increasing, there is often so much noise in the workplace that many resort to going home to get work done. Office workers are interrupted as often as every three minutes by digital and human distractions. These breaches in attention carry a destructive ripple effect because, once a distraction occurs, it can take as much as 23 minutes for the mind to return to the task at hand. So, the need for privacy within the open plan office has reached critical mass.

Red Thread, a New England leader in workplace environments, has been one of few Dealers across the globe to work with the Steelcase design team in the creation of a product that fundamentally addresses these workplace issues. V.I.A., the end result, has a beautiful exterior that belies the technological acumen at its core. Designed to achieve a sense of permanence while being highly flexible and able to accommodate change, V.IA.’s acoustical rating is second to none and technology is not an afterthought. In fact, it fully integrates within the walls seamlessly.

According to Larry Velie, VP of Architectural Products, “at Red Thread we believe that vertical real estate plays an increasingly important role in the way people work today and will in the future. Historically, walls have been static surfaces serving one purpose – to divide space – offering little flexibility. We think it’s time to reinvent the wall. What if the foundation for today’s workplace was the vertical plane? V.I.A. not only defines spaces, but redefines the role vertical real estate plays in the ecosystem of a workpspace. When we look to the future, walls will become interactive, capable of sensing and responding to our preferences as well as displaying, capturing and storing content. V.I.A. anticipates these needs and sets the stage to accommodate this direction.”

V.I.A.’s core features and benefits include;

• Superior acoustical performance, solid panels achieve 52 STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating and single glazed ¼” tempered glass starting at 30 STC through double glazed glass of 44 STC.
• Sense of Permanence, the frames are made from a heavy gauge cold rolled steel with a powder coated finish, each wall is capable of supporting 750 lbs per side and will maintain this integrity after multiple reconfigurations.
• Technology integration, technology skins provide the brackets to hang displays and also provide integral power, data and AV solutions.

There is no doubt that the workplace is in flux. In order to create offices that are destinations, designed to attract and engage top talent, the modern workplace must provide a palette of spaces that address the need for collaboration, privacy and everything in between. V.I.A provides a rich array of features that actively support the need for privacy.
The walls of the future will be smart – as you enter, the room will recognize who you are and set your preferences accordingly, lighting levels, temperature, acoustics and display.

With all this in mind, the V.I.A. demountable wall system is ready to rise to the challenge!


About Red Thread:

Red Thread is a New England regional enterprise supporting workplace needs through a broad portfolio of products and services. We help corporate and institutional customers to create an exceptional work experience by integrating interior architectural systems, furniture and, technology. Red Thread Spaces LLC is a wholly-owned affiliate of Steelcase Inc.

About Steelcase:
For more than 100 years, Steelcase Inc. has helped create great experiences for the world’s leading organizations – wherever work happens. Steelcase and our family of brands – including Steelcase®, Coalesse®, Designtex®, Details®, Nurture®, PolyVision® and Turnstone® – offer a comprehensive portfolio of furnishings, products and services designed to unlock human promise and support social, economic and environmental sustainability. We are globally accessible through a network of channels, including approximately 650 dealers. Steelcase is a global, industry-leading and publicly traded company with fiscal 2013 revenue of $2.9 billion.

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