Behind the Scenes with Jeff Keener: Navigating Hybrid Work Strategies

Discover key insights into hybrid work strategies, the ideal workplace, and critical technological capabilities in today’s ever-evolving work landscape. In…

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Brand & Culture

employee engagement

What are highly engaged employees saying about the workplace?

As a follow up to Gallup’s Worldwide Engagement Survey, the Steelcase research team conducted a small study with Ipsos to explore…

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Team Red Thread runs the Ragnar Relay!

Want to test your limits as an integrated team? Then definitely sign up for a Ragnar Relay! For the second…

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Millennials at work

8 Shifts to consider as Millennials enter the workplace.

Much like any other environment, the workplace is always changing. Change is inevitable and it seems far more productive to embrace…

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Desk Lunch

No more sad lunches: value of the work café

How sad is your lunch? Well believe it or not, the sad desk lunch goes beyond the food itself. Where…

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Love your workplace

Top 5 things we love in a workplace: an unofficial survey.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we thought we’d take an unofficial, unscientific survey of our colleagues to find…

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Color Psycology

Boost employee well-being with colorful design

Maximizing real estate while boosting productivity, culture, creativity, and comfort – all while staying on budget – is what keeps most…

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