From Burnout to Brighter Days: Dr. Cassandra Greene on Prioritizing Clinician Well-Being

Clinician burnout has reached an all-time high and providers are suffering from mental health issues more than ever before. According…

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workplace collaboration spaces

Case study for an employee wellbeing strategy.

Humantech, an ergonomics consulting firm nurtures an employee wellbeing strategy by embracing a  “palette of place”. Steelcase 360 Magazine editors…

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12 Great reads on “thinking better”

“The cognitive neuroscience of memory and attention–our improved understanding of the brain, its evolution and limitations–can help us better cope…

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Neuroscience: The new competitive advantage

In workplaces throughout the world, scenarios of near-constant distraction have become the norm. Thankfully, our ability to focus is still…

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Healthcare Innovation

Evidence Based Design for healthcare

What is Evidence Based Design? Defined as the process of basing design/build decisions on credible research in an effort to achieve optimal outcomes,…

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Biophillic design

How biophilic design impacts wellbeing at work.

According to our friends at Wikipedia biophilia literally means “love of life or living systems.” So biophilic design centers around establishing naturally…

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Healthier Hospitals

Taking the lead: the Healthier Hospitals Initiative

Most of us using today’s healthcare system would be interested to know the initiatives that are taking place across the country…

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